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Art of New Spain

Highlights from The Mexican Museum Colonial Collection

February 19 — May 22, 2016

Guest Curator: Teresa Jiménez-Millas
Curatorial Consultants: Adriana Lopez, Jennifer Perry

Art of New Spain: Highlights from The Mexican Museum Colonial Collection offers a snapshot of Colonial art in The Mexican Museum’s permanent collection. The selected works highlight three major themes which are “The Missionaries”, “The Retablo”, and “Techniques”. The exhibition will include paintings, sculptures, and a built-in retablo. All artworks were selected from The Mexican Museum’s rich permanent collection and include a recent bequest from David and Thea Ramsey in honor of Lucille B. Eisenbach. The exhibition and related programs will explore the ways in which Spain impacted Mexico’s artistic culture during the Colonial period. The exhibition will encourage visitors to consider the role of missionaries as spiritual leaders during the Colonial period and the ways in which they used art to instruct the public.

Members’ Opening Reception
February 18, 2016
6:00 — 8:00 p.m.