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Maestros: 20th Century Mexican Masters

Closing October 26, 2015

Post-revolutionary Mexico saw the emergence of some of the greatest artists of the 20th century - individuals that influenced a whole generation of artists at home and abroad. The exhibition includes over 40 paintings, works on paper, and sculpture, as well as rare books and ephemera representing 30 internationally-known artists.

Beginning with Los Tres Grandes, the exhibition pays tribute to the three most influential Mexican artists of the 20th century: Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and Jose Clemente Orozco. Creating the muralist traditions that would deeply influence public art for decades to come, Los Tres Grandes provided the basic styles and techniques which inspired their peers and the literati of their time.

Other painters and muralists who were friends of Los Tres Grandes, such as Jean Charlot, Julia Lopez, Carlos Merida and Roberto Montenegro, made their own contributions, individually and collectively, to the Mexican Mural Renaissance. Also showcased in Maestros: 20th Century Mexican Masters, the works of these artists are illustrated through wonderful paintings, works on paper, and rare books from The Mexican Museum’s extensive holdings.

Another group of Mexican artists featured in the exhibition emerged during the 20th century and embraced classic, figurative, and representational forms of expression. Federico Cantú, Rafael Coronel, and Francisco Corzas steadily evolved as highly-accomplished painters and printmakers. Others, such as Jose Luis Cuevas and Francisco Zuniga, became known internationally for their paintings and monumental sculptures. Talented artists such as Edmundo Aquino and Francisco Toledo chose the graphic arts as a primary means of expression.

In the early 1920’s, surrealism became an international worldwide cultural movement, with artists creating strange, unnerving, and detailed illogical scenes originating from the unconscious. The surrealist artworks on display will include pieces by such icons of the movement as Leonora Carrington, Alice Rahon, Alfredo Castañeda, Alejandro Colunga, Pedro Freideberg, and Rufino Tamayo.