Mexican Museum Snags Edward James Olmos to Head Up New Arts & Letters Council

Rosa Covarrubias

By Katie Tandy, SFWEEKLY Blogs

JULY 9, 2013

The Mexican Museum -- a powerhouse West Coast collection of Mexican, Chicano and Latino art -- has just announced a new Arts & Letters Council to help flank and foster their new location at Mission and Third, which will boast expansive new digs for visiting exhibits as well as more 14,000 objects from their permanent collection.

Better yet? They snagged renown Mexican actor Edward James Olmos (any Battlestar Galactica fans out there?!) for an honorary Chair position.

Edward James Olmos will head up the prestigious new Arts & Letters Council for the Mexican Museum; Olmos joins the ranks of 51 artistic movers and shakers from the Latino(a) community -- like ethereal Chilean novelist Isabel Allende and SF-based contemporary painter Rupert Garcia -- to head up the new council, designed to champion vibrant new work from the Latin and Mexican community.

Andy Kluger, chairman of The Mexican Museum Board of Directors explains that the new museum -- poised to be a hotspot in the Yerba Buena Arts District -- will break ground in 2014.

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